Who are we

We are a successful commercial catering service based in Glen Huntly Rd, Glen Huntly, Victoria and our business has served the local community and surrounding suburbs for over 25 years.

In that time, there has only been one change of ownership, with the former head chef of 13 years, purchasing the business from the original owners upon their retirement.

What we do

We provide professional catering services to corporate and private clients hosting events and celebratory functions in venues situated within thirty minutes driving time from our kitchen in Glen Huntly.

We can, with enough notice and for larger functions only, extend our delivery range up to one hours driving time from our kitchen.

Why we do it

First and foremost, we operate to ensure that our many valued clients have easy and regular access to light, fresh, and healthy catering choices, and we thrive on the challenge of meeting the ever-widening range of dietary requirements, as expressed by today’s event guests.

We strive to do this at price points that are very reasonable for the quality on offer, and the care we take in food preparation and presentation.

How we do it

We do this in a sustainable manner, sourcing fresh, local ingredients where-ever possible, and preparing virtually everything from scratch in our award-winning, well equipped, commercial kitchen.

We only use free range eggs in our food preparation, and we are experienced in meeting the meat preparation requirements for event guests of specific faiths.

When we do it

Except for early breakfast functions, when preparation is done last thing on the night prior, all our food items are prepared from scratch on the day of the event and to ensure freshness, are delivered to the chosen venue thirty minutes prior to service, by one of our refrigerated vans.

Who we serve

We provide our catering services to corporate clients, local government authorities, educational institutions, charitable organisations, and the organisers of larger private events and celebratory functions.