9 Reasons to Choose Wake Catering by Simply Sensational Catering Melbourne

The holding of a wake, to allow family and friends of a recently departed loved one to celebrate the life they led, and the contributions they made to their community, is a long-established tradition in many cultures.

As wakes generally follow a funeral service, most guests will be experiencing a range of emotions, and if you have been the person responsible for making the funeral arrangements, your will want to place your focus on the human elements of the occasion, rather than the complex mechanics of wake catering.

In certain circumstances, a memorial service incorporating post-service catering may replace the customary wake, and such memorial services can be held in a public or private venue, a park or other community outdoor facility, as well as at a private home.

Given the sensitivities usually involved, whether that be following a funeral or memorial service, it is important that when the time is right, a private catering service unobtrusively and professionally produces and serves appropriate food and beverages, suitable for the guests, their respective cultures, and individual dietary requirements.

As by the time the wake has concluded, your energy levels will probably be somewhat depleted, you will appreciate the fact that your wake caterer has completed a full clean up, and removed all evidence that a catered event has taken place.

Catering services usually require considerable notice for larger events, but the nature of funerals requires a degree of flexibility in the ordering process, by Melbourne catering businesses competing to be your wake caterer.

Experienced private wake catering services are geared up to operate on as little as 24 hours’ notice and can proceed with only rough estimates of expected guest numbers.

Simply Sensational Catering of Glen Huntly, have almost 30 years of catering experience, and have catered for many wakes throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area. One simple phone call is all it takes to engage us to look after all aspects of ensuring that the guests at the wake you have been charged with organising, have all of their food and beverage needs catered to, without further direct involvement by yourself.

We believe our involvement in the provision of food and beverages for wake guests, as well as providing suitably mature and well-dressed staff (where requested), takes a lot of stress away from anyone charged with making the funeral arrangements for a recently departed loved one.

Whilst many Melbourne catering companies offer wake catering, the experience can vary from exceptional to unexceptional. At Simply Sensational Catering, we believe that our wake catering services are in a word “sensational”, and here are 9 reasons why you should choose us to meet your wake catering requirements.

  1. A single phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling.
  2. We have the experience and flexibility to accept short notice orders for wakes.
  3. Catering is available at various price points on a per head basis – no hidden costs.
  4. Food menus for wakes focus on easy to eat, less messy, comfort food items.
  5. Custom menu to include family favourites, or culturally specific food, can also be arranged.
  6. We hold a limited liquor licence allowing us to provide/serve alcoholic beverages.
  7. Our experienced and mature staff dress appropriately and always act professionally.
  8. Our wake catering services can be provided at any facility or in a private home.
  9. If required, all aspects of set up and clean up, will be taken care of by us. This includes tables, linen, crockery, glassware, cutlery, cups and saucers, hot water urns, plus coffee and tea stations.

We would love to make your role, as the organiser of an end of life celebration, as stress free as possible. Taking care of all aspects of providing catering to your guests will certainly reduce your stress levels on the day.

Why not call us now on (03) 9571 6861 (diverts to mobile after hours and on weekends), to place your order, or discuss your specific requirements. Remember, just one call gets the ball rolling.