Party Catering Should be Outsourced

Party catering, done right, can elevate your Melbourne party to the next level.

If you are responsible for hosting a retirement party, a welcome party, a milestone achievement party, or a launch party for your business or perhaps a new product or service, then it is important that all risks that might impact on the success of your party, are minimised.

Alternatively, if you are organising birthday party catering, or the catering for private parties of any other kind, you will want all catering that is ordered to live up to guest’s expectations, and be able to spend quality, stress free time, with your guests on the day.

Catering Criteria

Professional Melbourne party caterers have years of experience in providing party catering to both corporate and private customers, and they know every trick in the book, when it comes to ensuring that the food you provide to your guests satisfies the following criteria;

  • Fresh, healthy, and innovative food choices
  • Range of options to suit vegetarian, vegan, celiac and low-fat diets
  • Individually packaged and labelled food for allergy sufferers
  • Prepared following all food safety requirements
  • Delivered in refrigerated transport vehicles
  • Is of adequate quantity to satisfy guests but not lead to wastage
  • Is appropriate to the nature of the function for ease of consumption
  • Is served in a timely manner and before any spoilage has occurred
  • Is served where required by well attired, mature, and experienced serving staff
  • Delivers the maximum impression possible within your budget allocation
  • Leaves your guests raving about the quality of the catering at your party

Corporate Party Catering

Corporate party catering services have existed in Melbourne for many years. Most businesses will have had occasion to call upon the services of well-established Melbourne party caterers, to celebrate special events, welcome new hires, launch new products or services or to provide sustenance for those attending seminars, training courses, management retreats or other internal events.

Most businesses who regularly utilise the services of professional caterers, know the answer to the question; How much does professional catering cost?

They understand that professional party catering is always more expensive than the do-it-yourself option. They value the quality of the food and the experience and expertise that mature service staff bring to the smooth running of a catered party. They also appreciate the significantly reduced risk levels for their business and their business reputation, gained by outsourcing party catering to professional caterers, who rarely let them down.

In other words, when it comes down to it, their choice is a business decision, and it is a rare business that when all things are carefully considered, will elect to self-cater for their own important parties.

Private Party Catering

Most people responsible for organising the catering for a private party have limited experience both in safe food preparation and transportation, and virtually no experience in food production in the quantities required for sizeable parties.

Often, private party organisers baulk at the perceived costs of engaging a Melbourne party caterer to provide food and drinks for their party and elect to self-cater. What could go wrong?

  • You could cause an outbreak of food poisoning
  • You may put a guest at serious health risk from an allergic reaction caused by cross-contamination or inclusion of wrong ingredients
  • Your guests may go hungry due to insufficient food or late or non-arrival of food
  • You may waste a lot of food due to over-catering or a lack of knowledge of producing food in large quantities.
  • You may fail to provide sufficient choice of food options to suit the diets of all guests
  • Your food presentation skills may make food appear unappetising and then be left uneaten
  • You are so busy and stressed on the night that you cannot interact with any of your guests in a meaningful way.
  • You could suffer the embarrassment of your guests ordering take-away food to be delivered to your party
  • Your lack of service experience may see food distributed unevenly amongst guests, or served at an inappropriate rate for guest comfort
  • You do not follow safe serving of alcohol recommendations and your party spirals out of control

Benefits of Outsourcing Party Catering to Professionals

Whilst the cost of engaging a Melbourne Party caterer for corporate party catering or private party catering, will always exceed the do-it-yourself cost by some margin, the following benefits usually outweigh the cost difference.

  • Peace of mind regarding food safety, quality, and presentation
  • Knowledge that your party will not be under-catered or over-catered
  • Comfort in the fact that individual guests’ specific requirements can be met without difficulty
  • Ability to focus your full attention on your guests and making sure they have a wonderful time
  • Not having to worry about levels of alcohol consumption by some, ruining your party for remaining guests
  • Shifting the legal responsibility for catering issues to a professional party catering concern who will have adequate insurance coverage in the unlikely event that anything goes drastically wrong.
  • Increased chances that your guests will remember your party for the quality off the food and the efficiency of its delivery and distribution by mature, well -trained, service staff

Four Party Catering Tips

Firstly, carefully choose your professional party caterer. This is most important, as great catering makes any party sing, and the one thing guests at any party remember, is the quality and sufficiency of the catering provided.

You should aim to deliver the WOW factor to your guests, and if you succeed, your party will be one that people will surely remember.

Here at Simply Sensational Catering, we have many years of experience in Melbourne Party Catering, we have great references from both corporate and private clients, we satisfy all the party catering criteria listed above, and we always aim to WOW your guests with quality catering and great service staff.

Secondly, ensure that you have a good handle on the number of guests likely to attend your party and ensure that you have a good knowledge of their dietary requirements as well as any allergies any guest may suffer.

Thirdly, book your catering at least four weeks in advance of the date of your party, and confirm final numbers with your caterer at least one week prior.

Finally, when setting up your party venue, try as much as possible to separate food service areas from beverage and refreshment stations.


Outsourcing party catering to professional Melbourne party caterers such as Simply Sensational Catering, is highly recommended if you want your catering to be of high standard and deliver the WOW factor to your party guests.