Wedding Caterers – 10 Questions to Ask

The date has been set for your big day, and between now and then, your life will be filled with wedding preparations including interviewing wedding caterers.

Along the journey, you will experience the pleasure and the pain that accompanies the task of making sure that, on your wedding day, everything is perfect.

Your wedding is a major event in the lives of all actively involved, and this is especially so, for you and your partner. Ensuring that the day is an enormous success, requires bringing together several disparate elements.

One key element to making sure your wedding day is fantastic, and your family and guests remember it as a great wedding, is the quality of the catering you choose to provide.

You might, if you are comfortable with the level of risk involved, choose to rein in your wedding budget by self-catering, or having a friend cater for your big day.

Alternatively, you may elect to err on the side of caution and engage professional wedding caterers to look after all aspects of ensuring that your wedding guests are provided with one of the best wedding experiences.

Engaging one of the better Melbourne caterers who have many years of experience in the events industry plus a history of catering to weddings of all sizes, is your best guarantee of avoiding a catering disaster, befalling your special day.

As experienced Melbourne caterers have developed expertise in catering to large and diverse guest lists with all the associated dietary challenges, appointing amateurs to cater to your wedding, is a brave step.

On the assumption that you are not comfortable to take the substantial risk of self-catering or engaging an amateur to cater for your wedding, you will most likely search online for Wedding Catering Melbourne, Melbourne Caterers, Wedding Catering Packages, or simply Wedding Caterers and find a long list of professional caterers, from which to select your wedding caterer.

Your key task then, is to make the best choice to suit you and your partner, your budget, your guest’s dietary requirements, and the venue concerned.

The easiest way to make your choice, is to make a short list of those caterers who can service the venue, have considerable catering experience including catering to the style of wedding you are having, have a range of Wedding Catering Packages, and who fit within the budget you have in mind (note that most wedding caterers work on a cost per head basis).

Once you have a short list, make an appointment to meet with each of the short-listed Melbourne Wedding Caterers, and ask all of them the following ten questions:

  1. How many years of experience have you had as a professional Melbourne Event Caterer?
  2. What licenses and accreditations does your business hold?
  3. What assistance do you provide with menu planning?
  4. Do you have a variety of wedding catering packages for different budgets?
  5. Do you provide menu tastings for items we select as part of any wedding catering package?
  6. Apart from food, what else is included in your wedding catering packages?
  7. How comprehensive is your wedding catering contract?
  8. Are any additional fees above and beyond the wedding package price, applicable?
  9. If we enter a contract and pay a deposit and subsequently cancel for any reason, is our deposit fully refundable?
  10. When do I have to confirm final numbers?

Whilst you could initially ask many more questions, if you listen carefully to how each short-listed Melbourne caterer responds to these ten questions, you will be able to determine firstly the quality of their communication skills, and secondly, the level of their attention to detail.

These two factors are the key to deciding whether you should work with any of the caterers who remain in contention, following your initial meetings.

As poor communication skills lead to serious misunderstandings, and lack of attention to detail leads to disaster in delivery, you can then dismiss from further consideration, caterers who are not clear communicators or do not display strong attention to detail.

You should then be left with a small number of prospective wedding caterers, from whom you should obtain formal quotes, before making your final selection.

Here at Simply Sensational Catering, we pride ourselves on our clear communication with our clients, and we are highly regarded for our attention to detail in all matters relating to providing catering for notable events, none being more important than one’s wedding.

We offer a range of wedding packages to suit most budgets, and our food lives up to the name of our business.

We can assist with menu planning and offer menu tasting sessions for all wedding organisers.

We would welcome your call when you are looking for a great Wedding Caterer to make a significant contribution to ensuring that your wedding is one your guests will fondly remember.