Why Box Catering Should Feature at Your Next Event

Box catering is not new, however the COVID-19 upheaval, and the rocky path towards and into a future COVID normal, has seen the demand for this style of catering, skyrocket.

The reasons for this rapid shift away from more traditional styles of catering for corporate events and private parties, can be attributed to the following:

  • Desire of individuals to avoid having to access food from communal serving stations
  • Unwillingness of many event guests to take and eat finger food from circulating platters exposed to other people and the local environment
  • Requirements for event organisers to effect required Social Distancing at events and private functions for the near future
  • Individual food boxes produced in COVID-Safe catering kitchens are regarded as being a much safer way of providing guests with sustenance at permitted events
  • Ease of catering for specific guest preferences or dietary requirements
  • Box labelling clearly identifies contents, ingredients used, and dietary classification (eg; Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat)

Types of Catering Boxes

Box catering caters for a wide variety of needs and occasions. The market has evolved to now offer options for the following:

  • Breakfast Boxes
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea Boxes
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Grazing Boxes
  • Finger Food Boxes
  • Special Dinner Boxes

Benefits of box catering over other forms of catering

Necessity is often the mother of invention, and COVID-19 has had a major impact on the events industry, an industry on which the catering industry relies heavily.

As events return, there will be:

  • Ongoing restrictions on total guest numbers
  • Greater emphasis on doing everything possible to prevent the spread of corona virus
  • Preference of guests to avoid communal platters, buffets, and served meals requiring multiple handling of plates, cutlery, glassware, etc
  • Desire of caterers to avoid contamination of food through service staff transporting open plates of food from kitchens to dining tables

Event organisers need to ensure that their function is as COVID-Safe as possible for their guests. Providing individual boxed food items, that guests open and serve themselves from, will ensure that they are comfortable to attend events. Guest comfort will also facilitate all the food and beverages provided at events, being consumed.

Delivery options for catering boxes

Depending on the season of the year, and the nature of the contents of each box, caterers will arrange delivery via:

  • Their own refrigerated vans or food delivery vehicles
  • Courier services that offer both refrigerated and non-refrigerated delivery vehicles
  • Specialised food delivery services

Many caterers also offer the option of pick-up times for customers to collect their catering boxes themselves. This alternative option suits many who wish to ensure that their catering boxes arrive at their event in perfect condition.

How to find a quality provider of box catering

Many catering businesses have now pivoted their business models to meet the needs of event managers. To help them to keep their guests safe individual catering boxes are a great solution. Finding local caterers who provide catering boxes, is as simple as entering the phrase “box catering” into a search engine, and then viewing the results.

A caterer who provides fresh, healthy, and innovative options that cater for all guest’s preferences and considers food allergies and special dietary needs, will usually be a provider of quality services.

Simply Sensational Catering is a provider of quality box catering in our service areas. We aim to provide the full range catering boxes, to meet the needs of your guests. At present, we offer everything except breakfast boxes, however we may add this option in the future.

By the end of October 2021, our box catering online ordering system will be incorporated into our website. This system will be accessible from the main website menu.

Until this ordering system is available, please call us on 9571 6861, to discuss your box catering needs and to place your orders.